Ethiopian Harrar Coffee: Drip Ground

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The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian beans are known for their high quality and unique flavor profile. Grown at an altitude of 1700m in the Kirara Oromia region of Ethiopia, our FattoCatto Ethiopian Harrar Coffee is fully natural processed, meaning it is hand sorted and then dried on raised beds, giving it a fruity flavor profile and infusing it with the natural sugars of the coffee cherry. Tart andsmooth, this medium roast coffee has a berry flavor with hints of honey and chocolate. Roasted to order and pre-ground for your convenience, this unique coffee is guaranteed to arrive to your door at the peak of freshness. 

 Roast Medium
Grind Drip Ground
Process Full Natural, Sorted by Hand. Dried on Raised Beds
Grading Natural
Grower Kubsitu Cooperative
Variety Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars
Region Kirara, Oromia Region, Ethiopia
Altitude 1780 M.
Soil Vertisols


As we roast each batch of coffee on demand in order to guarantee peak freshness and flavor, shipping times can vary slightly. Orders in the queue are processed every business day for the following day. We process the number of orders we expect to be able to roast and ship the next day. Orders in fulfillment but not yet shipped will appear as “pre-shipment” when you check the tracking. As a guide, the order to ship time is generally 3-5 business days while the ship to delivery time is generally 1-5 business days.