French Vanilla Coffee: Drip Ground

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Wake yourself up in the morning with the soft smooth taste of French Vanilla. Each bean in FattoCatto’s French Vanilla coffee is carefully roasted to perfection and imbued with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of the classic flavor of vanilla ice cream. Roasted to order, this exceptional drip ground coffee is guaranteed to arrive to your door at the peak of freshness.
As we roast each batch of coffee on demand in order to guarantee peak freshness and flavor, shipping times can vary slightly. Orders in the queue are processed every business day for the following day. We process the number of orders we expect to be able to roast and ship the next day. Orders in fulfillment but not yet shipped will appear as “pre-shipment” when you check the tracking. As a guide, the order to ship time is generally 3-5 business days while the ship to delivery time is generally 1-5 business days.